The Phantom Flex 2.5K

The Phantom Flex 2.5k is a state of the art digital cinematic camera that delivers unmatched flexibility and quality imagery in high speed capture. This revolutionary camera can shoot anywhere between 5 frames per second (fps) to more than 10,750 (fps). The Phantom Flex provides two different user customized shooting modes which can be changed to the shooting environment.

When the Phantom Flex is in standard mode, it is similar to just about any other phantom Digital camera. However it is a powerhouse with the capability to shoot at resolutions that are up to 2560×1600 pixels from 10 frames per second to up to 1,455 frames per second. As the resolution goes down, the maximum speed increases with speeds and resolutions up to 2,5760 fps and 1920×1080.

When the camera is in Phantom Hq Mode, there isa higher dynamic range, low noise, repeatable shots at all settings, electronic image stability for stable blacks, and repeatable shots that don’t require pre-shot black references. The Phantom Flex is able to support a wide variety of different workflows including a video workflow, raw digital workflow, and a combination to produce the maximum amount of flexibility and control.

The Phantom Flex 2.5k Camera Package Includes:

  ● Phantom Flex 2K Body featuring 32GB internal RAM

  ● Canon and PL Mount

  ● A Certfied Phantom Tech

  ● 512 Gb Cinemag

  ● Phantom PCU2 Wireless Control Unit – BlueTooth

  ● Anton Battery Hytron Power System (4 Batteries and Charger)

  ● Arri Bridgeplate As Well As A Phantom Bottom Plate (15mm and 19mm)

  ● Matte Box and Filter Set (IR, ND)

  ● Portable Handheld Package – Riser,Shoulder Mount,Rail System

  ● Follow Focus (ARRI or REDROCK )

  ● Phantom Power Supply

  ● 10GB/Sec Cinemag Reader

  ● A Dedicated Apple Computer and Thunderbolt Transfer System

  ● 7 Inch SMALL HD SDI Monitor

  ● 17 Inch SDI Panasonic Monitor

  ● Sachtler Tripod

Camera Overview:

  – 35mm depth-of-field

  – 35mm field-of-view at 2560×1440

  – 2.5K RAW Capture- Up to 2,560fps at 1920×1080

  – 12-bit pixel depth- 800 ISO rating

  – HQ Mode provides ultimate in image stability under changing shooting conditions

  – Internal mechanical shutter for hands-free and remote Black Balances

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