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Regulus Films is well known for our cinematic and stylish Miami Video Production Services. We top the list of film production companies in Miami as our company is a coalition of directors, cinematographers, film producers and makeup artist that can accommodate any size budgets. When it comes to getting your Miami video production done right the first time do not leave your project in the hands of a single cameraman. It takes a team to create a beautiful music video production Miami and as you will clearly see from the level of video production Miami that we provide. We are a full service Miami video production company passionate video production from start to end. Say no to amateur Miami video production and hire us for impactful and compelling video production that helps effectively communicate your brand message.

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Achieve Quality Video Production with Regulus Films

With the vast improvement in mobile devices, video has started dominating search engines and social media. Let’s look at some facts below:

  • Video views on mobile devices have increased 5 times in the past three years.
  • You tube has become the most popular search engine for videos and half of its traffic is coming from mobile only.
  • 80% of online visitors watch video all the way as compared to 20% who read the content.
  • In a survey it is found that video content has more potential to go viral.
  • Videos provide more information in less time and are more engaging than the static content.

Looking at the facts above, you might be thinking of creating video to showcase your product and services. But hold on for a second and introspect that how many times you have seen the full video. I am sure it about 20% of the times and not more than that because you might have found the video too large or not engaging enough. So it’s very important to focus the video quality because if you compromise with the quality, your video will be of no use. To make sure the quality video production you must hire Miami video production company capable of creating video that create everlasting effect on viewers.

Regulus Films -#1Miami Video Production team are your experts and consultants, and are there to help you making a great video, whether that’s in-house or via a third party. Having decades of experience, Regulus Films helps you to identify potential pitfalls and understand the importance of creating a solid structure early in the process to avoid failure in later stages. It our job to be aware of current technology, trends, styles and new ideas within the videos.

Contact us at 786-429-4511 for any Miami video production and allow us to plan from the start to make great videos for you that will help you and organization grow.

Our Basic Philosophy

To Understand Your Client One Must Take A Step Back And Place Themselves In Their Shoes. Every Project Is Different, Every Client Is Different, And Therefore There Is No Set Way Of Doing Things. As A #1 Miami Video Production Company, We At Regulus Films Believe That Professionalism Comes First. Don’t Let A Mere Freelancer Shoot Your Video Hire Experienced Miami Video Production Company, It Takes The Some Of Many Creative Professionals To Create An Entire Visual Picture We Are The Best At Miami Video Production Because We Put Our Client Visions First! Our Aim Is To Provide Outstanding Miami Video Production Service Which Helps You and Your Organization Grow.

Regulus Films and Entertainment


We provide all kind of Miami Video Production services. While other video production companies primarily dedicate themselves to filming, we provide end to end creative services that analyze your marketing and content needs, and come up with ideas, build scripts and write copy for campaigns and video content that ensure the realization of those needs, and the maximization of your brand objectives. We are not another video production company in Miami rather than a video production company that does more than just film videos for brands..

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Corporate Video Production Miami - Music Video Production Miami

We are able to provide Video Production in miami as well as anywhere in the United States or abroad. If you are a advertisement agency or if you are a Company that is doing it all yourself we can guide and assist you on the next steps that you will need to take in order for your production to come out as you expect.


We work with some of the most talented and beautiful models in the world and have access to some of the most prestigious yachts and mansions in the market place for your miami video production. If you are in need of any of these things for your commercial or music video we got you covered.


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We are able to provide production companies, sporting events,churches or any potential client looking to stream their show or event to the masses.

Live Streaming

Launch live streaming video of your show to the Web at the touch of a button. Our TriCaster 40 includes presets for the most common streaming profiles, in resolutions up to 720p.

Fast & Friendly Support

The Miami Studio is most known for our international ties to the market place say we understand that every company work on their own time zone so we work on yours. If you are located anywhere outside the USA Feel free to Skype us at RegulusFilmz or call us at 1 (786) 429-4511 and we would gladly take your call and answer any questions you may have for us.


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Motion Graphic-

Bring your Corporate and Music videos to life with motion graphic. When it cone to after effects let Regulus films put that added touch to your final project.

After Effects

After Effects is software primarily used for creating motion graphics and visual effects. It allows users to animate, edit, and compose media in 2D or 3D space.

Other Production Companies Best Kept Secret

MANY production companies outsource their productions to us on many occasions because our prices are some of the lowest in the industry and we are completely ok with this. See it works both ways, One, we are not in any compention with any other production companies that is local because they use us anyways and Two we stay very busy with work, so its a win win. We invite you to see why everyone use Regulus Films for all of their production needs.

It’ Very Simply…. The Work Speaks For Itself

We believe our work speaks for itself. Visit Our Music Video Page To See Why We Have Been Rated As One Of The Best Video Companies In The U S.

  • My first ever music video shoot and I was highly impressed with the work ethics and quality of the team over there at Regulus. Family vibe, everyone moves on one accord Gary the director was there giving me a good push to bring out the best work.

    Shaquille Farrington via Google Reviews
  • Excellence in service, Professional and will return to do many more videos in the near future. Gary You and your team are very easy to work with and friendly.

    Abdul Yilla via Google
  • Regulus Films & Entertainment produced a smoke’n hot video for me to use to promote my new single, “I’m All In”. A professional, no games, and passionate company that I look forward to working with in the future!

    Bobby Walkup via Google Reviews
  • Wow what an experience working with Regulus Films. They are a top notch production company from top to bottom! Gary, and the entire crew were efficient, on-time, patient, creative and just down right awesome!

    Cristian Tyler via Google Reviews
  • The crew was terrific. Gary was a most efficient Director, reaching out to me as an actor on the project.

    Gail Byer via Google Reviews
  • Best Video i shot yet!! great quality & service! Great Staff! overall Great Work!! shoutout to everyone over at Regulus Films!!.

    Chiz Mac via Google Reviews
  • Big up Regulus Films&Entertainment!!! One time, I asked them to make my music video. Video was SUPER WELL done!!! Much Respect!!!! You guys are always GREAT!!!.

    Yasushi Iwai via Google Reviews
  • They are professional, friendly and really know what they are doing. They work with your budget and I never got the feeling that it was all about money.

    Anya Alexandria via Google Reviews
  • I had a pleasure of working with Regulus films for my first music video here in the USA. I am very happy to have worked with such talented and excited people.

    Feruz Gebremeskel via Google Reviews
  • AMAZING! Gary and the whole crew are fantastic. They are personable and excellent at what they do. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in shooting a video.

    Jr Pinchers via Google Reviews
  • Had a great time working with Gary Brown and the crew at Regulus Films on the Robert Wayne music video ALL IN.

    Patrick McCall via Google Reviews
  • Gary and his crew at Regulus Films are excellent!

    Kenan H. via Google Reviews
  • where to star, i came across with tons of company to film my bro first Music Video, and when i first met Gary president of the company,, i knew they were the one to go for, he has such a good vibe and try to help you with ideas and give you what you paying for

    ANGEL G. via Google Reviews

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