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Talent can be found at every corner of the world, and many people with talents wish to climb the stairs of success through them. Since, people are opting for different career as preparing their own brand to create different music videos similar to Hollywood. There are also groups who want to make corporate videos for various businesses to advertise. But sometimes, the budget becomes too high. But, there are production teams who work in lower budget. This might lack in quality. Therefore, if you are looking for some production house in New York to shoot a video for you at an affordable price then Regulus Films are the right stop for you.

About the Company

Regulus films are quite well known for its production and is also known for its cinematic and trendy film making. We understand that being a new artist in town or a small business owner, it is not possible for the clients to pay a heavy amount. But simultaneously, it is necessary for them to maintain good quality, while creating a video in order to be popular and for their further growth. Keeping all this in mind we plan the budget, according to the clients. We work as a team and hence deliver a good video production. We don’t leave the video production to a single guy or girl and call ourselves a company.

As a leading production company in the U S Regulus has also been known as a strong New York Music Video Production Company. Regulus has a strong combination of Directors, Producers, Cinematographers and Makeup artists, hence making us one of the most absolutely affordable Video Production Companies.

We select Music Video Directors In New York and our directors are well groomed in their profession and also expertise at it. Regulus know how to make a quality video in the minimum budget. We can accommodate in any type of budget.


We provide a number of services.

  • Its branches are there in every part of America. Therefore, there is absolutely no trouble if you wish to make a music or corporate video in New York,Miami,Atlanta or Texas.
  • We pick New York music video directors who are skilled in their work, hence making the complete project reasonable as well as preserve the quality.
  • We encompass many luxury cars, models, and yachts available for the making of the video.
  • Whatever kind of project you have, the production team can cover it all. Color grading, 3D graphics or animation, all can be done.

Therefore, if you plan to make a music or corporate video with high quality, good production and affordable price, Regulus Films are the correct place for you. At your suitable budget, they will produce such good video that it will fulfill your desire and this production house will be your stop for every video you make thereafter. Call us today for your next Music Video Production in Miami, Fl, Newyork 786-429-4511

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