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  • MYTH #1:  Film Video Production is Expensive.

Incorrect! Regulus Films has many different packages that can fit any budget large or small.

  • MYTH #2: You need to live near Hollywood, New York, or London, so you could get to the Music Video Director

Incorrect! Regulus Films is a traveling crew. We travel all around the undated states for clients that can not get to miami. We have some of the Best music video directors in Miami so it is natural for our crews to go to the artist location and create a visual masterpiece that he/she will no doubt love.
Music Video Directors in Miami such as ours actually come form all over the world to work with Regulus Films, we are well know for our international ties to the community and artist.

Music Video Directors in Miami

  • MYTH #3: Music Video Director production is a hopeless business to break into.

Incorrect! If you are looking to be a Video Director I say go for it! all you need is a lil creativity and determination and you can do whatever it is that you want to do! But if its not your thing and you want us to do the hard work for you we are also here for you. Regulus Films is a coalition of some of the best  music video directors.

in the industry.

  • MYTH #4: Music production is very hard to understand.

Incorrect! Everything is difficult to understand when you do not know it at first but here at Regulus we are happy to answers any and all questions about Music video production so when you leave us you have a better knowledge about the industry.Ending on this note always remember that a true Music Video Director always keep a open mind and think outside the box when it comes to creative and stylish productions and thats why we are well know in the market place for Music Video Production.


Music Video Directors in Miami

YES! More than ever, there’s a requirement for miami music video production . This creates a fantastic chance for creative up and coming directors. The importance of creative and great work is greater now, than before.

Creative and Stylish Cinematography At It's Finest.

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