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Continuously changing technologies in video production, video editing for achieving high quality made it possible for filmmakers to impress their audience. Nowadays, videos have become the most effective way of communication as today’s audience likes the “show me don’t tell me” philosophy. It’s easy to understand, and people love to share it on social media also.

Technology is changing day by day to provide better equipments in cost effective manner. Nowadays, you don’t need to hire a helicopter to capture aerial footage. Remote-controlled drones allow videographers to capture aerial footage easily without spending a lot of money over helicopter. And even it allows you to capture shots from places where helicopters can’t manage to go.

DSLR cameras have made it possible to achieve a shallow depth of field, which was once a difficult task. Shallow depth of field is used to draw attention to a particular subject by putting it in sharp focus while making everything else blurred. The use of this technique was a major challenge but now it is very simple with the use of DSLR camera.

Camera dolly, specialized piece of video production equipment is designed to create smooth camera movements. The camera is mounted to the dolly and the camera operator rides on the dolly to operate the camera.

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